This past weekend I traveled to Amsterdam for the second time.  I was able to visit Amsterdam two summers ago with my family as part of a European vacation.  However, because I loved it the first time and was only able to spend a couple of nights there, I thought it would be fun to take another trip and to see Amsterdam for a second time.  Because it is the middle of winter in Europe, traveling is quite different than during the peak of vacation season in the summer.  Nonetheless, although it was much colder, while the sun was out the city appeared to be just as beautiful as it appeared in the summer.  Upon our arrival, my friends and I checked into the Marriot, which was much nicer than the hostel we stayed at in Berlin.  Friday morning we decided to wake up early and go to the Anne Frank house.  I had been there before on my first trip to Amsterdam.  But like most things, you can look at something from a different perspective the older you get and more educated you are.  I remember the Anne Frank house being my favorite part of my last trip, and it remained my favorite site on the second visit.  After completing the tour of the Anne Frank house and feeling somewhat sad we decided to lift our spirits, by having a meal at a pancake house that we heard was delicious from other friends who had visited before.  Later that afternoon we went to the Van Gogh Museum and then the “I am Amsterdam” tourist attraction where everyone takes photos.


The next day we were able to sleep in which is always a plus.  We toured the Heineken beer factory where we were able to learn about the history of Heineken Co. and sample the ingredients they use besides wheat in their beer.  It was so interesting to see it all being made; I have never been to a beer factory before.  The museum gave two beers to each person who completed the tour, which was a nice surprise!  Because I love beer, this was definitely a highlight to our trip!  We shopped for the majority of the afternoon and walked by all the beautiful canals. We were able to watch the gondolas passing by and enjoyed the amazing scenery. Later that evening, we went to a comedy show.  That was the first comedy event I have ever attended, but it looked just like I pictured it from watching comedy on many television shows and movies.


Even though I have been to Amsterdam before, it is always nice returning to a place and remembering all of the fun activities you enjoyed the first time.  I learn so much from traveling, even when I am going back for a second time.  I plan on traveling to Amsterdam again in the future, and who knows? Maybe it will be in another two years!