Smokey Eye Tutorial

Just a little glamour can go a long way. A few years ago a good friend taught me how to do a great “smokey eye.” A smokey eye is a make up term that is used to describe someone’s eye shadow on a surface of fading colors. In the inside of your eyelid you will have a light color and going further out into the outer rim of your eye lid the shades will begin to get darker.


To start a smokey eye you want to use a good primer. A primer is a gel that you can purchase at any make up store. My favorite is made by Urban Decay and it comes in a neutral color as well as a shimmery gold which is pretty if you are about to use any browns, golds, or creams on your eyes. To begin, squirt a tiny bit of primer on your finger and spread it evenly around both eyelids. The primer helps keep the eye shadow on for longer and also helps define the color.


The next step is to use a paler base coat color for the first base of your smokey eye. My favorite eye shadow is also made from Urban Decay and is called The Naked Palette. They now offer this in three different versions, Naked, Naked2, and Naked3. I use a combination of all the colors now that I am very familiar with how to mix. However, if you are just a beginner maybe it would be best to stick to one of the palettes first and see if you like the color variations before buying all three. You can get it at any Sephora store for just $54.00. This color is going to end up being the color that shows up in your inner lid of your eyelid. After rubbing that all around your eyelid as well as putting a little above the crease on top of your eyelid, take the second darker color you wish to use.


With the second color you will brush only from the outer lid to the middle lid, leaving this second darker shade away from the inner lid where the lighter base color is. Don’t be scared to go deep into the eye. Even though you don’t want to brush into the inner lid, you still have the entire middle part of the lid to work with. At this point you are about half way done with your smokey eye!


After making sure you apply a nice even coat and using a small “blending brush” to mix those two colors in a little bit, you can start to incorporate your third color, which should be the darkest of the three. Take a small brush and dab only a little bit into the make up pallet, that way you do not end up using more make up than anticipated. Remember—you can always go darker at the end. It might even be a good idea to either blow on the brush when you are using it or to tap it lightly on a tissue before you apply it to the eye. This way, the extra makeup powder does not get under your eye in the outer lower lash area.


Start by applying this color to the very outer part of the lid and make sure to not go too deep into the middle section. To finish the look use a bigger blending brush than the first time and try to smooth out this color so it does not look so dark and heavy. It should look like a gradual increase in darkness but you don’t want it to look like you globed a dot of black or dark purple on your eye.


After this step use a thin liquid eyeliner or my favorite, the Smashbox Jet Set waterproof eye linear which you can find for $22.00. At the end finish up your eye with some thick black mascara, I recommend the Benefit brand, “They’re Real” which ranges from $12-$22 depending on the size or the traditional Mac “Haute & Naughty” mascara for $22.


At the very end, use a little makeup highlighter to accentuate your face. I rub it on the nose and about the eyes, which leaves a little sparkle! And there you have it—the perfect smokey eye.



A podcast is any digital medium that consists of audio, video, text, PDF, or ePub files that people can subscribe to for playback on portable media players and personal computers. There are various tools used to podcast.


Podcasting can be extremely beneficial for the field of education. Listening to podcasts is another way of learning. Professors and teachers can use podcasting for additional information or reviews of previously covered information. Podcasts are a very powerful learning tool for students who are auditory learners and can learn best by listening. There are various free tools that can help teachers create and distribute podcasts. Some of which include:

Audacity: This is a free software that is used for recording and editing sound by using keyboard shortcuts. It is available for certain operating systems like Windows, Mac, GNU/LINUX and a few others.


MP3myMP3 Sound Recorder: This is an audio recording software that is created by Digital Liquid. It is a great tool for recording something quickly and efficiently. You are able to record a sample sound from streaming audio or video on the Internet, record Skype calls for business, or create MP3s from Vinyl. For teaching purposes, professors can record tutorials and later listen to them through a computer.


Podbean: This tool is easy and powerful. It allows users to create professional podcasts in just a few minutes without having any prior knowledge on programming. Anyone is able to upload and publish their work. Work can be shared with students, colleagues, friends, family and anyone else worth sharing.



PodOmatic: This is the largest independent podcaster in the world. You are able to search any area that you are interested in to find work. This tool also allows users to easily make minicasts, which is a combination of audio and images.


VozMe: This is an effective tool that converts a text into an audio file. By doing this you have to follow two steps. This process is copy and paste the text you want in the box provided on the website and click “create mp3.” This generates a podcast for you to download that is completely instant.


Odiogo: This tool is similar to VozMe but has a few more benefits to it. This specific tool lets you turn blog posts into high quality and ad-supporting broadcasts, which can be an advantage for bloggers.


There are very many other tools that are also great for podcasts. Ways in which you can integrate podcasts in the classroom are:


1. Students can interview professions of their potential career path and use audio for their questionnaire part.

2. Students can research about different countries by asking recent travelers about their experiences. This could lead into a digital travel album that could almost be like a small itinerary.

3. Teachers or professors can record their lectures or tutorials that students can listen to later on their own time or at home.

4. Students can write and record stories and add background music or sound effects.

5. Students can create advertising campaigns.

6. Students can use audio recording to interview different people for a school newspaper or magazine and later refer to it for quotes or other sources of information.

These are just some of the many ways that podcasting can be beneficial to learning. It is a field that continues to show growth among academia and other forms of teaching and learning.


Hands down I was able to see one of the most interesting places this past weekend- Marrakech Morocco. This was the first time I was ever in Africa, however, I felt like I was in the Middle East. It was so interesting going here because I learned a lot about Morocco in one of my classes I am taking this semester.  It was fascinating to note a lot of the things that I had researched for class.

Upon my arrival, I was pleasantly surprised when I only saw that one man would be touring my group around for the weekend. I figured that because of the dangers that follow an Arab country, the program that I went through would have more than one source of security. I tried to make the most out of my experience there and didn’t let my fear get in the way of seeing such an interesting part of the world.


The first day my group walked around the center of town to see the souk and enjoy a market tour. I loved watching all the workers make the leather so that you are able to see how it is made and trust that it is real. As much as I loved the leather market in Florence, Italy, this market was even better because it showed the process of how each product is created. Our groups stopped at a few places that our tour guide, Ali brought us to help some of his friends make business. Later that day we were able to visit a few traditional restaurants that were absolutely beautiful. From the outside you are not able to see the true beauty but the second you walk inside you feel like you are in some magical place.


For sunset, we all had down time to chill on the roof of our riad, where we were staying for the weekend. The hot sun was the most beautiful thing to watch as it came down. We all enjoyed the incredible scenery of Marrakech and built up an appetite for a delicious meal that they had prepared for us at our riad. The food reminded me of Middle Eastern cuisine and because of my food restrictions, I was basically eating couscous and vegetables all weekend. I couldn’t complain though because of how accommodating they were to make me special meals that I was able to eat.

IMG_8734The second day I was there we woke up early to visit a traditional Berber house. I was astonished to see how welcoming and generous they were when our group arrived. The lady of the house made us the most incredible green tea I have ever had. You can tell a lot of love goes into making it. I had one of the other woman who was there draw some henna on my hand just so I could support her business. After, we went to the mountains to get a camel ride. I have done this before in Israel, but here there was a better view instead of just desert you could see a river and mountains all around.


Our next stop for the day was the Ourika valley and Atlas Mountains. Here, we did a hike that was probably one of the scariest things I’ve ever done. Obviously our group leader said the hike would only take an hour and a half and was completely doable… three hours later we were almost to the top of a mountain and had hiked up walls of hard rock without attachment or safety precautions…something that would be impossible to find back home. I was so proud of myself for making it all the way and got to enjoy a relaxing lunch at the foot of the Atlas Mountains by a river stream.

That evening we went to the Jamma El Fna Square to have dinner and it was extremely packed with locals who were dancing and eating. I was so exhausted from a long day that I told myself I would go back to the square on Sunday to play with the monkeys and do some last minute shopping.

IMG_8882Day three started out with a trip to the Hammam. I could definitely say that this was an experience of a lifetime. I was a little creeped out by the whole idea before I went but than I decided that if I came all this way and did not try it, I would regret it in the end. It turns out that it was so much more of a relaxing spa experience than I ever imagined it.

IMG_8887 Later that afternoon we did a historical walking tour of Marrakech, which included going to an old University that resembled a Mosque and also going to a famous castle. Both were very beautiful and the architecture was something that I have never seen before. The beauty of it was that it had an Islamic influence.

Later that afternoon we went for more henna and visited a place that had spices and oils. I bought a few great souvenirs for friends and family. We went to dinner at this really beautiful restaurant that looked out on the sunset and it could not have been a more enjoyable experience to end such an amazing trip.


Political campaigning through media

Social Media is changing the way political campaigning has ever been used before. With Barack Obama’s 2008 campaign, we have seen that media has become a crucial tool for political campaigning.   When doing this it is important to keep a few things in mind:


  1. Consistency is key– Don’t let this confuse you. Consistency does not mean make sure to always post the same thing every time you use an outlet. It means to make sure to post at the same frequency that you usually do. If you are tweeting, blogging, posting, you want to keep up with it on a regular basis. This way your readers are able to follow your work more easily and stay updated!


  1. No Ghost Towns– It is really important to keep in mind when you are building media platforms to think carefully about which networks will actually be productive and useful. It does not make sense to create as many as possible if you are not going to be using all of them. It is better to not overextend yourself and drop it a few weeks after. Make sure to think long and hard about which networks you are going to choose because once you make one, you can’t just ditch.
  1. Platforms all have a different language… learn the lingo– A common mistake that is made is people tend to post the same message across all social media handles. This is a big misunderstanding. All platforms have different reasons for why people use them. Being able to understand your audience is one of the most important elements when using social media. It is crucial to keep that in mind when making a post and make sure to connect with your followers in a way that they will understand.
  1. Listen to your audience– Social media is a chance to connect with your voters, donors, and supporters on a one to one basis. By setting up listening strategies you can help keep yourself updated on what’s being said about you and how you can help participate in conversations to direct your campaign strategy in a more positive light.


  1. Use social advertising to expand your reach– Social advertisements has been proven to make or break an election. You have to learn how to use them in your favor. It is a way of drawing in an audience when you want them to take action.
  1. A picture is worth a thousand words– There are so many online tools, many of which are free that you can use to edit and create graphics that are appealing to your audience. Social media platforms have become very visually appealing and posts should call out attention to your campaign.
  1. Keep learning– Just like most things, social media is always evolving. With that comes keeping up with the latest trends and practices. If you monitor campaigns that are successful via media you can see how and why theirs continue to do well.   That can help you stay updated on your own tactics and give insights on how to better your own. 

Spring Break

Nice is Nice

The South of France was nothing like I imagined. I guess you could say it is almost equivalent to what the Hamptons are for New Yorkers. It is very sophisticated and posh. The area itself is a little retro looking. When you walk around the promenade they have all the restaurants and hotels on one side and a beautiful beach on the other end. The place that my friends and I stayed was right on the water and was absolutely stunning.IMG_8267-2

The view we had from our balcony was breathtaking. In the evenings I sat outside and watched the sunset and in the morning I woke up from the beaming sun that rippled into our apartment.

The first day I was there my friends and I walked around Nice and went to Castle Hill to see the big waterfall. We walked around the area and took in the views of the entire city. Later that night we walked back to our apartment and saw the beautiful sunset along the beach. It was actually the most perfect day. The second day I was there I traveled to Monaco for the day.

There, I went Monte Carlo which is a beautiful casino located in the town. The area was very high end and consisted of so many upscale stores and restaurants with very sophisticated people. I gambled 20 Euros and unfortunately walked out with nothing. At least I can say the first I gambled was at the Monte Carlo.


When in Roma 

As sad I was to leave Sunday, I was really excited to go to Rome for the second time and stay with one of my best friends from Miami. That trip basically consisted of eating, shopping and more eating. Because I was spending a full four days there and had already done a lot of the touristy things with my family in 2011, I felt no obligation to wake up early every day and run around the city. However, I did have a few restaurant recommendations in mind that I wanted to make sure I hit.

IMG_8463-2The first being Dar Poeta, an amazing pizzeria that I was lucky enough to go to twice during the week. They are known for their nutella ricotta calzone. Sounds kind of weird eh? It was possibly the most scrumptious thing I have ever tasted. It is located in a cute area called Trastevere where there are a lot of shops and restaurants.

I was also lucky enough to go to Frigidarium, a very good gelato place that everyone Instagrams when they visit Rome. IMG_8471My first day my friend took me to Campo de Fiori to shop around and see the outdoor markets. I bought a few things for my older sister not only because she has been harassing me to but also because she studied abroad in Rome when she was my age. Later, we went to Piazza Navona, a famous square with a beautiful center. Our third stop was an area called Prati. It was super trendy and reminded me a lot of the Upper West side in New York City. For dinner my friend surprised me by taking me to a kosher restaurant in the Jewish quarter, Ba Ghetto. I was possibly the happiest person in the world.


My second day I went to the Spanish Steps. I remembered a lot of this area because I still have a lot of family pictures that I keep in a Facebook album. For lunch we went to Restaurant 34 and I tried the famous pumpkin gnocchi that everyone raves about. In my opinion… a tad bit overrated. After walking around the streets and listening to the musicians, I went into a few cute stores where I made some purchases. It’s a good thing I’m not abroad in Italy; otherwise I would go completely broke. For dinner, my friend and I went to Da Remo, another pizza place that was probably the best pizza I will ever have in my entire life.

Day three we went to Largo Di Torre Argentina which is a cat sanctuary that has all the roman ruins. I was so excited to see this because I have a sick obsession with cats. I got my sister a cute souvenir knowing that she would absolutely want something from there.

Later we walked by the famous Victor Emmanuel building, and after went shopping in Monti. That area was fun to walk around and had a bunch of vintage shops on every corner—however definitely not a must if you are only visiting Rome for a day or two.   We ended our day at Castel St. Angelo to watch the sunset. To celebrate my roommate’s birthday in Barcelona who happened to be in Rome for the night, we went to infamous Tony’s. It is an American Italian restaurant that all study abroad kids go to just so they can get some chicken parme and unlimited wine. I can see why people hype about it because they give great deals for a lot of food, but again, if you are looking for an authentic Italian meal it probably isn’t the best place to hit.

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My last day I walked around the colosseum and had a relaxing day just enjoying the city. I am so glad I was able to go back to Rome this trip because it was harder to appreciate it when I was younger. It is such an incredible city and I could absolutely see myself studying there if I was not in Barcelona.

Amalfi Coast


Our last stop for our Spring Break journey was Sorrento. I have never been to the Amalfi Coast before but it was absolutely stunning. I would do anything to go back there! We did an organized trip and stayed in Sorrento for three nights but took day trips to other islands. Our first trip was to Positano and we lucked out with the weather because all of my friends and I managed to get a bit of sunburn after lying outside all day long.


Our second day we went to Capri, which was a totally different feel than Positano but still, had a nice vibe. We were lucky enough to take a boat ride around the coast and make it in the Blue Grotto before the bad weather hit. Even though the rest of the day we had to stay inside, I was so happy that the weather held up for a few hours to make it in the water.




We left from Naples the next day to head back to Barcelona. I was sad how fast this trip flew by but I promised myself I would make a trip back there again!

Valentí Sanjuan

This past Wednesday, March 25th, I had the pleasure of meeting Valentí Sanjuan. He came to my class to talk about his past careers and how he has made a living through digital journalism. Valentí started his career doing mainstream journalism at a radio station, Vist i no vist” working in the newsroom. He had a creative mind and wanted to do new adventures with his job like creating a website and blog. However, the radio had other ideas in mind. After not renewing his contract, he had to figure out a way of making money and getting back onto his two feet.

Screen Shot 2015-03-26 at 9.05.51 PM

With the help from a lot of his friends, Valentí started a show, which was done by streaming. At the time this was not a popular way of using technology. This time around, he incorporated images into the show and not just audio like he had previously been doing at his job at the station. They were sponsored by beer brands and would give away a free beer to anyone who came out to see the show. The atmosphere consisted of some people walking around, drinking beer, and talking about the Internet while Valentí and a few others were stationed up talking on the radio.

Valentí mentioned, “You start to succeed when you do something different.” The first thing he did was a normal show via the Internet instead of the radio. Then he progressed to a radio show mixed with a television show. This incorporated acting, movement, talking to cameras and being more interactive with the audience. The first show that they did, 100 people were there watching it live. Three months later, it didn’t work out so well, they had no grants and the audience was starting to die out.


Valentí knew that he had to make a huge turn around and think of another idea. He decided to perform a show in a theatre. This show was called “Visto lo Visto” and was almost like a stand up comedy. It included popular YouTubers, music and musicians, comedians, interviews and more. It was the opposite extreme from his original idea, and included just one camera, which he filmed with his own hand. Seven hundred people once a month come out in the audience to support him and his new form of success.

The idea of this show was to incorporate YouTubers that were young but had a huge following to generate more viewers for their show. Eventually once the numbers started to pick up, Visto lo Visto wanted to change the model to make their target audience adults. This idea was a bit of a disaster at first, but like anything else, with time things can start to change.

Aside from Visto lo Visto, Valentí has a personal YouTube account and achieves a big fan following. He claims that, “You don’t have to work for a big corporation to reach millions of people.” He says that creating content and keeping the adventure alive is more important than making a lot of money. He uses his YouTube account to post his Ironman successes and other activities that he takes part in on a weekly and daily basis. Most of his stories are dedicated to hard moments he faced in life as well as things that he just enjoys.

Last winter, Valentí ran to Santiago from Barcelona for a total of 10 days. The run was to commemorate his mother who had passed away. All of his passion and driving force is something that can be admired and respected by thousands of fans from all around the world that watch his videos. What he is taking part of is great for living, team building, coaching and so many more aspects of life.

WP-Camino-sign After hearing Valentí talk in class, we all asked ourselves, what is journalism? This one word can be defined in so many different ways. Journalism to one may mean a completely different thing to someone else. Journalism to Valentí means storytelling. He uses his life journey as a way of expressing meaning to viewers.

Conclusively, he is an influencer. Companies and businesses pay him to promote their brands. One specifically was a Turkish airline company that paid to fly him to New York City to use his creativity to show the entire city in a video and post it on his YouTube account where it would reach thousands of people. This would help market for the Turkish company.

Although Influencer marketing is sometimes noted as being a newer technique, taking advantage of the way social media has created individuals with online reach and influence it is an old marketing technique. Influencer marketing is about connecting a brand or product with individuals who have the influence to reach and engage the customers that would be the same target as your brand or product. When successful, it can be extremely beneficial for your campaign.

Screen Shot 2015-03-26 at 9.05.02 PM

According to Reelseo, A Video Marketer’s Guide, “From its origins as a simple video sharing platform, Youtube has since changed the face of video consumption—Youtube viewers are seeking out engaging, compelling, entertaining video content that offers value in and of itself.” Some of the most successful YouTube videos are ones that have been creators. Brands are able to use this to fuel their business by directly working with YouTubers who already understand their network and fan base and bring focus onto the brands they are trying to represent. Until now, the only way that brands could connect with influencers online was through reaching out directly or using a multi channel network. However, now with the launch of FameBit, brands are able to collaborate with YouTubers to help them reach a particular target audience. Using this virtual marketplace, brands can request and receive influencer proposals and work directly with relevant channels without a need for a middleman.


It is interesting to note that there are hundreds of well-liked YouTubers out there in addition to Valentí. They are all making a difference, which benefits the lives of their fans and brands by doing something they are passionate about.

Feels like home to me

I was lucky enough to have a friend visiting this past weekend so I had the perfect excuse to not travel. There is nothing better than being in your own city. As much as I love all of the trips that I take, it’s so nice to sit back and relax once and a while and enjoy all the amazing things to do in Barcelona.

Here are some recommendations of a few of my favorite places to eat, drink, see, and shop.

11013304_10152655536391451_1302699970131770375_nFood Coma: If you are looking for a yummy breakfast, Milk has delicious eggs Florentine! 10492582_10152655536431451_1510510191979502131_nIt’s a small place so make sure to give yourself a little bit of time incase the place is at full capacity when you plan on eating. Brunch & Cake is another “must.” They also have a sister restaurant with the exact same menu a few blocks away called Travel & Cake which seems to not be as popular for some reason but I still can’t understand why when they serve the same food. If you are looking for something a little more quant, Mama’s Café is a cute place in Gracia that serves brunch all day long. So if you sleep in late and are looking for somewhere yummy to eat, my advice is getting to Gracia. Be My Bagel is a little bagel shop that has different toppings you can add like eggs, cream cheese, salmon it’s also in Gracia but I would only go there if you are craving a breakfast sandwich or need something that’s a bit faster.

10906083_10152582303666451_8322476539555078907_nFor lunch, I once went to a cute place Elsa y Fred that was a little hard to find but was worth the hunt. If you make it there, check out the tuna tar tar, it has almost a raspberry taste-YUM! Bo de B is another “must go” but I never really was able to understand why…if you ask me it’s super overrated. Flax & Kale is a little bit more on the healthy side but there salmon sliders are pretty good and I personally loved the pink buns that they came on. Still on the healthy side, Quinoa Bar is located in Gracia and is a small place but great if you need something light to eat, and don’t let the name confuse you…they have more than just quinoa.


Dinner is my favorite meal of the day, so I am saving the best for last. La Luna is a romantic delicious restaurant in the Gothic area and I suggest you try the salmon carpaccio, goat cheese salad, nachos, and ravioli with spinach. I went two times this week if that can convince anyone to go. Da Greco is another “must.” This Italian restaurant is fine dining and offers you a taste of every pasta dish that each person you go with has. You will be falling off your chair with a food baby by the time you leave. I can’t even recommend anything in specific because every single thing is exquisite. However, if you are not a truffle lover try to stay clear of those dishes because they are really heavy and strong. Café Camelia is a cute café that turns into a restaurant only Thursday-Saturday. So if you have a weekend free and are willing to go to Gracia, get the quinoa burger and goat cheese salad. A Gianni is another Italian restaurant that I go to at least once a week. It’s a nice place to order a glass of wine, have some risotto and call it a night. If you are looking for fresh sushi, Monster Sushi is a little bit pricey but will most likely have what you are looking for. My favorite tapas bar is Timeline. Make sure to ask for extra cheese if you get the nachos, the waiter will most likely smile at you and know that I recommended you to go.

10928190_10152606870836451_7577801331898434741_nPlaces to Pregame: I’ve learned since I’ve been here that “pregaming” is an American term and places in Europe not only do not do this in their homes but they think we are crazy for thinking that is acceptable. After most students studying abroad here were threatened to get evicted from their apartments, people started to discover places outside of their homes to pregame before heading to nightclubs. Pippermint is one of the most popular; they serve extremely large drinks, which is great for girls who always love to share. Chupitos is a very interesting shot bar that offers so many varieties of fun shots that all have very sugary tastes, some of which light on fire. Shôko sometimes offers free sushi dinners if anyone likes sushi, furthermore a lot of people like going here to pregame because it’s right on the beach and a five step walk to Opium. Dow Jones is another place, one of which I haven’t had the chance to go to yet but I heard that their shot prices fluctuate depending on how the stock market is doing…pretty cool if you ask me.


Party: But what to do with yourself after you pregame? Even though pregaming starts at a ridiculous time here in Barcelona, that still gives you no excuse to call it a night. Barcelona is known for its insane nightlife, some of which I’ve had the chance to go to since I’ve been here. I went to the bar/lounge in the W hotel; Eclipse for the first time this past weekend when I was staying there. It’s a very cool atmosphere-definitely a little bit of an older, more sophisticated crowd. Its on the 26th floor of the building and offers a panoramic view of the city. If you are more interested in being on the beach lower down, Opium, Pacha, and CDLC is the perfect spot. Sutton and Bling Bling are not on the beach but in a great location, which is the upper area on Carrer Tuset. Otto Zutz is a fun place that is not far from Gracia, which is great for those who are in walking distance.

Shop till you drop: If you take the metro to Jaume 1 you will be right outside of the Gothic area. This area consists of a church as your center marker and they have so many cute boutiques and stores in this neighborhood. Sometimes I just walk around and window-shop and get a delicious nutella crepe at one of the gelato places. If you are looking for something a little more upscale, Passeig de Gracia is almost like 5th avenue in New York City. It’s a huge street of high-end stores and is a beautiful place to walk around even if you aren’t planning on buying anything. Gracia also has more authentic Spanish shopping if you are looking for something funky. My favorite store is on Verdi Street, Clink. Make sure to check it out if you have any free time.


Activities: As you know, Catalans love their football. If you are visiting Barcelona I highly suggest checking out the game schedule and seeing a Barca game. Just make sure to get some drinks before you go into the stadium because they do not serve alcohol in there. Las Ramblas is another place that is always popping throughout all hours of the day. Watch your belongings because it’s a little bit of a tourist trap. On Las Ramblas you will see a market called “La Boqueria.” It is a huge food market that has delicious fresh fruit, meat, fish, candy and could be a great place to pick up for lunch.


The Port is also a very beautiful area. It is not far from the beach and just walking along the “boardwalk” is relaxing. I recently visited the Aquarium, which is in that same region. If you have some extra time it’s a good place to see some beautiful ocean creatures. Last but certainly not least, Gaudí’s works of art are all around the city. Park Güell, La Segrada Família, La Pedrera, and Casa Batlló are all exquisite Spanish sites.

Hopefully this gives you a little peak inside my everyday life and some recommendations if you ever get the chance to come to this amazing city!