Blogging for Dummies

What comes to mind when you hear the word “blog?” Someone once told me that those who blog are self-centered individuals who blog so that others can know who they are. Even though I started blogging last summer, I take no offense to that comment— Especially since I once thought the same.  However, I have fully entered the blogging community and see it as more of a place to have open discussion and a ways of expression between members of a community who are interested in a similar topic or question. 

Blogging is a place where everyone is welcome.  It is collaborative, customized and shared.  The most unique aspect of blogging is that you are able to locate it anywhere at anytime.  There are so many benefits of using a blog and I have become more than appreciative for this new media outlet. 

I first created my blog for professional use.  It is strictly a fashion blog that is a daily look book of outfit inspirations.  Because I want to continue along this professional track, I assumed that creating a blog would enhance my resume and demonstrate a set of skills that I could use in an internship or job.  It turned out to be extremely beneficial for my professional life because during the interviews that I have been having for summer internships, the interviewers want to discuss my website and ask me questions.  It also has helped me with interviewing because some of the skills I acquired from blogging were needed to answer some questions that were asked of me.  An example of this was a fashion marketing internship I applied for asked me if I had experience working with charts and being able to read statistical data and being able to understand and interpret the numbers and information.  I was able to reference my google analytics account that I use for my blog and how I am able to track all the information on my demographics.  I mentioned how statistics are not only a method to express numbers in different ways but could also be applied to other aspects of a company and its business.

My fashion blog has also become much better from the help of my readers.  Because there is a variety of features to a blog like “likes, comments and email”, there are so many ways that I am able to stay connected to my fans.  They are usually the ones who get my thoughts going and give me fresh ideas to write about.  I enjoy the comment system because then I am able to spin off other people’s ideas and amable to directly communicate with them via the blog.  Some of my most brilliant ideas spring from my readers.

However, blogging has become so much more to me than just a necessity.  I suppose at this point you could call it a hobby.  It is such a great outlet for stress, time management, and even organizational skills.  There are so many things that one could blog about.  Sometimes I feel that the hardest part about blogging is thinking of topics that you are motivated to constantly write about.

Blogging is a way of staying connected.  It is educational and enjoyable.  It is one of the most fascinating media outlets that the Internet has to offer.  It will constantly be evolving and adding better and newer technology and I hope to keep up with this communication strategy even after I complete my college studies.  I  aspire to continue to remain passionate about blogging!