Smokey Eye Tutorial

Just a little glamour can go a long way. A few years ago a good friend taught me how to do a great “smokey eye.” A smokey eye is a make up term that is used to describe someone’s eye shadow on a surface of fading colors. In the inside of your eyelid you will have a light color and going further out into the outer rim of your eye lid the shades will begin to get darker.


To start a smokey eye you want to use a good primer. A primer is a gel that you can purchase at any make up store. My favorite is made by Urban Decay and it comes in a neutral color as well as a shimmery gold which is pretty if you are about to use any browns, golds, or creams on your eyes. To begin, squirt a tiny bit of primer on your finger and spread it evenly around both eyelids. The primer helps keep the eye shadow on for longer and also helps define the color.


The next step is to use a paler base coat color for the first base of your smokey eye. My favorite eye shadow is also made from Urban Decay and is called The Naked Palette. They now offer this in three different versions, Naked, Naked2, and Naked3. I use a combination of all the colors now that I am very familiar with how to mix. However, if you are just a beginner maybe it would be best to stick to one of the palettes first and see if you like the color variations before buying all three. You can get it at any Sephora store for just $54.00. This color is going to end up being the color that shows up in your inner lid of your eyelid. After rubbing that all around your eyelid as well as putting a little above the crease on top of your eyelid, take the second darker color you wish to use.


With the second color you will brush only from the outer lid to the middle lid, leaving this second darker shade away from the inner lid where the lighter base color is. Don’t be scared to go deep into the eye. Even though you don’t want to brush into the inner lid, you still have the entire middle part of the lid to work with. At this point you are about half way done with your smokey eye!


After making sure you apply a nice even coat and using a small “blending brush” to mix those two colors in a little bit, you can start to incorporate your third color, which should be the darkest of the three. Take a small brush and dab only a little bit into the make up pallet, that way you do not end up using more make up than anticipated. Remember—you can always go darker at the end. It might even be a good idea to either blow on the brush when you are using it or to tap it lightly on a tissue before you apply it to the eye. This way, the extra makeup powder does not get under your eye in the outer lower lash area.


Start by applying this color to the very outer part of the lid and make sure to not go too deep into the middle section. To finish the look use a bigger blending brush than the first time and try to smooth out this color so it does not look so dark and heavy. It should look like a gradual increase in darkness but you don’t want it to look like you globed a dot of black or dark purple on your eye.


After this step use a thin liquid eyeliner or my favorite, the Smashbox Jet Set waterproof eye linear which you can find for $22.00. At the end finish up your eye with some thick black mascara, I recommend the Benefit brand, “They’re Real” which ranges from $12-$22 depending on the size or the traditional Mac “Haute & Naughty” mascara for $22.


At the very end, use a little makeup highlighter to accentuate your face. I rub it on the nose and about the eyes, which leaves a little sparkle! And there you have it—the perfect smokey eye.